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Laminates have come a long way and are now a smart choice for customers with busy lifestyles. Today’s laminates are constructed on higher quality cores with better locking systems and photo realistic images and finishes that are hard to tell apart from real hardwood. We carry a great selection of laminates in different widths and finishes, ideal for any room in your house.

Cork is similar to laminate because it usually comes constructed as an engineered floor designed for a floating installation, however, cork is natural and provides a warm and soft feeling underfoot. Cork is a great and luxurious choice for main living areas, kitchens, bedrooms, and dens. Cork has noise dampening and antimicrobial properties that can help make your home cozier and more hypoallergenic.

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Laminate & Cork Frequently Asked Questions

What is laminate?

Hardwood is an engineered floor created by adhering (laminating) a high resolution photo of real wood to an high density fiber board. The result is a very durable floor that can resist wear and tear from busy families and high traffic areas. Laminate is a great choice for almost every room in the home.

What is cork flooring?

Cork is a natural flooring choice that is usually constructed by laminating a veneer made from the bark of a cork tree (which is the cork itself) to a high density fiber board. Unlike hardwood, manufacturers do not need to cut down the cork tree in order to harvest its bark which makes cork flooring a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

What's the difference with a floating installation?

Most laminate and cork floors are floated. This means that the boards are not attached to the substrate and are instead joined together (usually with a click system machined into the side of each board). Our installers will make sure your floating floor is installed properly with the correct spacing and transitions to provide trouble free enjoyment.

What happens if I damage a board in the floor?

Some floating floors (such as our Torly’s Smart Floors) have the added benefit of being easy to repair. Because of the way the click system is constructed and because the entire floor is floating, a special tool can be used to remove and replace a damaged board in the middle of the floor.

How do I clean my laminate or cork floor?

We carry a full range of cleaning products designed specifically for laminate and cork flooring to maintain and renew the appearance of your floor.