It’s time to shed those winter layers and prep your living space for summer! Here are some up and coming interior design trends for Summer 2015.

1) The Colours

Say goodbye to the dreary days of winter and hello to summer with an effective use of colour. Colour is back with a splash in 2015 and it’s used in every imaginable way. Now is the time to get adventurous with tone-on-tone, contrasting, natural, exotic – have some fun. Some of the big winners on the colour wheel this summer are blue, and copper. When shopping for blues this season, look for the darker shades like deep navy and indigo, and ultra light shades like aqua and teal. These will work well with the transition from 2014’s metallic trend. Pantone has named Marsala the colour of the year. Use this earth shade of red brown as copper blush, a soft, pinky orange, this summer.

2) The Patterns

Nothing amps up a living space quite like a bold pattern to create an accent in your space. The power of the pattern makes a statement in the upcoming season with a special focus on nature. Revive your floral prints, and add them with a hand beaded or embellished cushion for an update to any room. When looking for a print, look for either large or small patterns to give it a contemporary twist. Be sure to include lots of woods (that means flooring too!) and raw metals to provide a natural, modern look to your space.

3) The Style

Designers are taking it down a couple of notches this season with the introduction of the muted ‘casual country’ style. Imagine it’s hot and humid, you’re sitting on a wrap-around veranda taking in the mid-afternoon sun with a lemonade in hand looking out to the sprawling acres of farmland before you, and you’ve got casual country down pat. Celebrate this relaxed style of living with soft blues and golds, locally produced goods, and wood flooring to complete the look.

Have fun with your style choices this summer. Be adventurous with your patterns and your colours, and repurpose old materials.