Thanks to advances in fiber quality and manufacturing processes, today’s carpets are more soft and durable than the flooring you’re replacing.

Carpet is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and creating warm basement spaces. While carpet sometimes receives a bad reputation as an allergy causing, environmentally harmful flooring type, this is not true. Many carpet brands now offer environmentally friendly options made from recycled or natural fibre materials. Carpet also can help reduce allergies by trapping dust particles and other allergens. Most modern carpets are also low VOC and antimicrobial, making carpet one of the safest and most luxurious floor coverings available.

We carry a large selection of products from the industries top manufacturers including Shaw, Fabrica, Mohawk, Beaulieu and Stanton. We can help you select the right carpet fiber and style. We can even order area rugs in custom sizes and shapes.

Carpet Brands We Carry

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Carpet FAQ

What style of carpet is the best?

Carpet comes in many different styles such as berber, plush, saxony, and shag and each style provides a unique look and feel. Berber (for example) is a looped carpet with a shorter pile height. It comes in multiple designs and is a great choice for high traffic areas. Come in to see a huge assortment of carpet styles, colors, and designs.

Why does carpet fiber type matter?

Most carpets are manufactured out of olefin, polyester, nylon, smartstrand, and even wool (or some blend of these fibers). Manufacturers blend these fibers to create products with better durability, twist, and color retention, and improved softness. Carpet fiber has a big impact on the characteristics of the product and its price.

What are rating systems and why do they matter?

Some carpet manufacturers provide rating systems to help educate customers on the type of performance the product is designed to provide. These vary depending on the manufacturer, but usually the higher the rating is—the more durable (and expensive) the product will be.

What kind of undercushion should I buy?

There is no question that a good quality cushion is critical to carpet performance. There are many different types and getting the right cushion depends on your budget and the type of carpet you’ve chosen. A quality urethane foam will provide long lasting results, but you might want to consider products with memory foam and moisture barriers depending on your home and lifestyle.

How should I clean my carpets?
Avoiding spills and cleaning them up promptly is the best advice we can give. Each carpet will have unique cleaning instructions depending on the warranty, fiber, and construction. Come in to the store and we’ll be happy to discuss cleaning instructions and provide cleaning products specific to your floor.