Is Pinterest The Ticket To Your Next Renovation’s Success?

Flooring is an interesting business. The right floor can have as profound an effect on your space as the right furniture or colour of paint. Yet, the longevity of a quality floor can make all but the most daring designers overly cautious. Furthermore, paint can always be changed and furniture replaced, but flooring is installed […]

Introducing The High Line Collection

Over the past few years natural stone materials including granite, travertine, and marble have been the inspiration for many new tiles, but natural slate is the inspiration for our new High Line collection of fully body coloured porcelain stoneware. This elegant and sophisticated line features elaborate graphics and chromatic features that reflect the natural passage […]

Three Flooring Choices That Are Well Worth The Money and Why.

As the old saying goes, your home is your most valuable asset and growing that value means making the right choices when it comes time to renovate. Also, as one of the largest, longest lasting, and more noticeable aspects of your home, making the right choice can have a long term effect on your enjoyment […]

2018’s Flooring Trends

We’re a couple months into 2018 now, and this year’s design trends are beginning to present themselves. Let’s look at the emerging flooring trends for 2018! Grey and Bleached Wood Flooring An emerging trend from last year continues to gather steam. One of this year’s hottest trends has been bleached or grey wood flooring. This […]

The Styles at the Epitome of Okanagan Living

Paradise Estates is the epitome of Okanagan living and on of the greatest multi-family developments we have had the privilege of working on. With some of the finest products we have to offer, these homes represent the very epitome of Okanagan Living. Nestled right on Okanagan Lake and just minutes away from the world class […]

5 Ways Our Designers Make Renovations Easier

Doing any kind of renovation is a big job, especially if your renovation includes flooring. It’s an investment in both time and money. Renovations can be stressful. You want to make sure everything is just right. That’s where our designers come in. Our knowledgeable staff can help you make the right choices, stay on budget, […]

Warm Flooring Options You’ll Love Coming Home To

It’s winter in the Okanagan and unless you’re up in Big White, you’re likely to prefer the warm weather of our beautiful summers. Thankfully, there are a lot of great ways to stay comfortable during the colder months including some warm flooring options you’ll love coming home to. These include everything from soft, comfortable, and […]

Cleaning and Maintaining Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is durable, stylish, and can be affordable. It’s not hard to clean, but there are some important things to remember in order to keep your tile floors looking their best. Sweep and Vacuum Regularly This might seem obvious. Many people like to keep their floors free of dust and debris at all times. […]

Reduce Noise Pollution With Your Flooring

More people than ever live in apartments, condos, and other forms of high density housing. Many others live in older homes with lower standards of insulation, not to mention all the creaks and groans older homes may have. One of the issues so many people face today is noise pollution. Noise is defined as unwanted […]

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add tremendous value and visible appeal to your home. However, they aren’t without their issues. While good hardwood floors can last a lifetime, they require ongoing maintenance and proper cleaning practices in order to keep them in good shape for decades to come. Here are some of our top tips for hardwood flooring […]