Over the past few years natural stone materials including granite, travertine, and marble have been the inspiration for many new tiles, but natural slate is the inspiration for our new High Line collection of fully body coloured porcelain stoneware. This elegant and sophisticated line features elaborate graphics and chromatic features that reflect the natural passage of time on stone. Thanks to its warm and timeless colours, the collection will feel perfectly at home in modern and sophisticated residences throughout the Okanagan Valley.

Nearly indistinguishable from natural stone, these porcelain tiles are hard and durable like slate, although less brittle and with greater consistency throughout. This provides a more uniform look and makes it very resistant to chips and scratches. It also requires less maintenance and less likely to stain. We stock the High Line Collection exclusively in 24×24 format tiles. Come in to our showroom at 3469 Fleet Court (across Highway 97 from the Airport).