Flooring is an interesting business. The right floor can have as profound an effect on your space as the right furniture or colour of paint. Yet, the longevity of a quality floor can make all but the most daring designers overly cautious. Furthermore, paint can always be changed and furniture replaced, but flooring is installed for the long run. It is also hard to visualize how products will look from the smallish samples in most showrooms. This makes choosing the right floor a really tough decision.

Finding Inspiration

A really helpful approach to solve that problem is by building out an inspiration board before your visit. Compiling photos of products, looks, and styles you like can help our designers find the perfect products for your space. It also makes it easier for us to align our recommendations with your vision. Be it a few magazine clippings or a Pinterest board full of pins, we’d love to see what you like.

Using Pinterest

Pinterest? Yes Pinterest. That social network that you may remember using the last time you felt crafty in the kitchen or studio. Pinterest has come along way over the years and is now, without a doubt, one of the easiest places to find inspiration for your next renovation. Try browsing flooring in Pinterest and you’ll find hundreds of beautiful photos showing all sorts of unique and innovative approaches to flooring. The range is quite spectacular and it’s east to narrow your search to the products and colours you’re most interested in. Don’t forget to save the styles that catch your eye to a board and share it with us when you come in.

As one of the largest flooring stores in Western Canada, we’ll also have (or have access to) the right products to match your vision and our designers can help pull together products from your inspiration boards that will work together to create a space you’ll love. Drop by our showroom at 3469 Fleet Court (across from the Airport) or get in touch to schedule an appointment.