Noise Reduction

Carpet is proven to be 10 times more efficient in reducing noise compared to other flooring options. It’s also proven to be better suited to entertainments set-ups that include speakers and other equipment, because it helps improve the sound. Due to the vibrations being absorbed into the layers of carpeting and not reflecting off a solid base like hardwood or linoleum, the sounds are clearer and more enjoyable.


If you have small children or elderly people living in your home, safety can be a top priority. Carpet cushions the impact of slips and falls and lessens the chance of injury. On a study conducted regarding the safety of carpet over other types of flooring, researchers found that of the group calling on carpet, only 17% injured themselves, as opposed to the 50% who injured themselves falling on other types of flooring.

Warmth and Comfort

Walking on a hard surface can cause pain and discomfort on your feet, knees, and hips. Carpet is designed to absorb shock and reduce the stresses placed on the lower body. As such, it’s most ideal for those who have chronic joint pain.

Carpet can provide thermal resistance to a room (also known as R-value) which can make a room feel warmer. Alternatively, carpet is perceived by buyers to be warmer and more comfortable regardless of it’s actual temperature.

Improved Air Quality

Carpet traps allergens and other particles that are in the air in your home as opposed to hard flooring surfaces which, when particles are disturbed become airborne and enter the air that you and your family breathes.


One of the main reasons people tend to shy away from carpet is it’s lack of durability. Some people claim that it’s not feasible for an active family. Almost all types of carpet now come with stain-free treatments. Occasional spots and spills are relatively easy to remove with a spot cleaner, and carpet-cleaning products to take out the bigger messes can be found at almost all hardware stores. Other hard surface flooring are subject to splits, holes, and cracks – we can guarantee that will never happen to your carpet.