Luxury and vinyl in the same sentence? You’d think it’s a contradiction, but it’s really not. You really can have luxury at a vinyl price – here’s how.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring, otherwise known as LVT, is both a modern and durable solution for your home flooring. It’s so realistic that even the toughest critics won’t be able to tell the difference between vinyl and the real thing. How? Manufacturers of the luxury vinyl have been able to replicate the grain in wood and the texture in stone so well that we’ll bet you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference by looking.

Vinyl has naturally superior water resistance and durability – characteristics that make it the ideal flooring for areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements where moisture is present. It’s also resilient to temperature changes making it desirable for different climates and conditions.

So what’s the difference between luxury vinyl and regular vinyl?

Size & Thickness – LVT usually comes in either plank or tile form with typical plank sizes around 48” x 4.5” and tiles sizes being around 16” x 16”. The thickness of the LVT ranges from 10mm to 12mm which is approximately 1/8”. In comparison, ordinary vinyl can be as much as 10 times thinner than that.

Sustainability – Luxury vinyl tile also satisfies green building standards, and meets even the strictest building codes.

Prices – Because of the difference in size and thickness there is a price disparity between regular vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. For LVT, prices normally range about $2-$7 dollars a square foot – depending on how luxury you choose to go. Whereas regular vinyl flooring can be as low as $0.30 to $1.00 per square foot.

Appearance – LVT is available in textures and colours that simulate slate, travertine, marble, teak, maple, oak, walnut, pine and many more. It’s been modified and perfected to be available in a number of different styles, textures, grains, and colours to suit your space.