1. Mudroom
Mudrooms are synonymous with mess. They store your wet and dirty items like umbrellas, boots, and raincoats. The mudroom requires a flooring that’s versatile, and resilient. By installing tile flooring in your mudroom, you equip it with the waterproof resilience it needs, yet the wide variety of colours and designs makes tile extremely fashionable for your space.


2. Garden Pathway
Have any left over tile that you might have used on a different project around your house? Use it on an outdoor pathway. Give your backyard a polished look by adding a pathway that winds around your garden to a back porch allowing for an easy clean look for any backyard.

Garden Pathway

3. Kitchen Backsplash
Maybe you want to refresh your kitchen but you’re not exactly sure how to do that without renovating the entire thing? An easy way to give your kitchen a new look is by tiling a backsplash. You can switch out backsplash without moving cabinetry or appliances and there’s a seemingly endless variety of colours, materials, and patterns. Bonus – it may even add more value to your house.

Kitchen Backsplash
Kuprios Kitchen from Stone Impressions

4. Accent Wall
With the addition of a unique and colourful accent wall, you can infuse personality and aesthetic value to any space. One way to do this is with tile. Use tile to give any room a boost of style, break up a large room, emphasize a great architectural feature, or to simply do something creative. This photo depicts a metallic subway tile that adds a layer of texture to this small space making the room look bigger than it actually is.

Accent Wall

5. Headboard
Tile in the bedroom? Add creativity to your space by use tile to make the headboard for your bed. Not only is it infinitely more creative and guaranteed to impress more than buying a run-of-the-mill headboard, it’s also less of a hit to your budget.


6. Outdoor Chess or Checkers
Have space in the backyard and you want to looking impressively wealthy, intellectual, and worldly? Put in a life size chess or checkers board. This chess board pictured below is relatively easy to create and perfect for any couple that entertains; finding the life-sizes pieces is another story.

Outdoor Chess or Checkers

7. The Stairs
Most commonly seen in a space similar to that of a Spanish Villa, tiling portions of the stairs can be incorporated into any style of home. Alternatively, adding tile elements to the kick board of your stairs is a great way to add texture and design to a small space.

trendy stairs
Amaratti Earth from Stone Impressions

8. Fireplace
An easy way to update the outdated brick or stone or your fireplace is by adding tile. For a clean, classic look change to herringbone tile fireplace or a mini while glass subway tile fireplace.


9. Dresser Drawers
Want to create unique pieces of furniture that you can easily DIY yourself? Put tile on the drawers of your dresser to create a unique and creative look for your furniture personalized to any room. Create this mosaic with broken pieces of ceramic tile, or use large ceramic squares from an exotic vacation to create a truly unique souvenir.

Dresser Drawers

10. Kitchen Island
In similar fashion to the tiled dresser drawers, add some personality to your kitchen island by installing a tiled surface instead of the usual granite or marble counter top. Add tile like the one pictured below to perfect your country farm house look in your kitchen, or use different shapes and colours to make your own unique style.

Kitchen Island