There are plenty of flooring options to choose from, but which should you choose? Hardwood, softwood, carpet, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, stone tile, vinyl tile? We’re here to help explain why different types of tile may be beneficial to you, and the various tile flooring benefits.

1. Variety, and many price options
The amount of different types of tile out there may be daunting at first, but talking to your Local Flooring Supplier can help wrap your head around things. Tile Flooring has a large amount of different colors, sizes, styles, and materials they can come in. Being able to choose the exact tile you want for each room is a huge benefit, especially considering the variety of prices on different types of tile. Take a look yourself at just a small selection of the different types of tile you can get here!

2. Tile Flooring is very resilient
Compared to other types of flooring, ceramic and porcelain tiles generally last longer, and are more resilient. Most types of tile will last for upwards of 10 years if taken care of properly. Maintaining your tiles is as simple as using non-acidic and non-abrasive products to clean, and having the tiles properly installed.

3. Air Quality, and cleanliness
Ceramic and porcelain tiles are very hard, and don’t attract dirt, allergens, or pollen. Another great benefit to hard tiles is the ease of cleaning. It’s very easy to simply grab a mop or even just a broom to clean any dirt or mess off of the tile.


4. Increasing Your Home’s Value
Not all new flooring will increase your home’s value. In many cases, carpet, vinyl, and laminate are seen as standard choices for flooring. When you choose to install tile, you’re adding a long, lasting, durable, and quality product that can increase the value. This is especially true for homes with a higher price point where comparable homes are expected to have tile flooring.