Let’s take a trip back to 1979. The refrigerators were avocado coloured, the light fixtures were amber, and the flooring was shag carpet. The 70s have gotten a lot of grief for the decade’s… questionable design choices. But it’s 2017 now – what’s old is new. Almost across the board, retro is in vogue, from the resurgence of vinyl records to the revolving door of fashion trends. Is the lowly shag carpet due for a comeback? Today we’re going to cover the latest carpeting trends.

coloured dotted carpet

Once upon a time, big and bold was the name of the game in carpeting. From chocolate brown to tangerine to goldenrod, carpet came in all sorts of colours and patterns. Some time in the 80s, it seems design sobered up and experienced its inevitable hangover. Shag was replaced by tightly looped, spartan carpeting. Patterns were replaced by monochrome or speckled designs, and colour gave way to beige. For better or worse, the era of eccentric carpets seemed to be over. However, it seems that time heals all wounds. Bright colours are mounting a comeback in the flooring world. It’s not a look for everyone, but perhaps it’s time to treat flooring with a little more festivity. Note that as of writing this article, those groovy 70s patterns have not yet made their comeback. Hold off on the shag, as well!

groovy couch


Carpet tiles are among the newest carpeting trends. They allow consumers to mix and match carpet colours, patterns, and styles in an easy way. They’re quick and relatively easy to install, and they’re backed with fibreglass, vinyl, or other materials that provide durability and strength. Carpet tiles can be used to make patterns, or even assembled into an affordable, interesting area rug. They’re also able to placed overtop of your existing flooring in many situations. For an easier and more affordable option, carpet tiles are a good choice.

checker floor tiles



No, we don’t mean the colour. Once upon a time, carpets were among the least environmentally friendly flooring options. Today, the carpet industry is largely reformed. Many types of carpeting are made from recycled materials. Advancements in technology mean carpeting is more durable and longer-lasting than ever before. We’ve mentioned VOC off-gassing before; carpeting used to be a major culprit of releasing these potentially dangerous gases. Today, many carpet brands offer low-VOC options, and some claim to be hypoallergenic, as well.

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